Friday, December 18, 2009

Are Movies Based On True Stories, True?

Saw the beginning of Amityville Horror on TV last night. The new one. To understand why would people be interested in a fabricated story. Yes, the sad story of the family is true. But, the book written by the Lutz's is completely just what it is. A story. The movies themselves are even more fabricated. That people are just down right confused. I don't really want to get hot and heavy on this particular story. I just want to make a point. The movies make the house look as though it's in the middle of nowhere. Like a house built on a long country road by a lake, ocean. They really don't make it clear. But, the actual house is on a regular street with houses close on top of one another. With a sidewalk. And, the house is located by a canal to opens to the Atlantic Ocean. Totally different.
Some people find this out and wonder. Why didn't anyone hear all this noise that night? If their so close? The answer is they just wanted to minded their business. These were regular working Joe's that work hard and travel the distance to Manhattan. To own those lovely homes. To this day they just want people to go away. I don't blame them. It like the famous Sherlock Holmes house. Oh, yes, it's an actual address. So, when the last occupancies left. Some people took it over. And, you guessed it. Made it Mr. Holmes house. Don't believe everything. Find out first the true story.

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