Friday, December 4, 2009

Women On Paranormal Shows

I'm not one of these woman's lib kind of person. Not big on protesting. But, lately there is a very noticeable thing going on? Does anyone else notice? It seems on US paranormal shows it's all men? If there are women. It's pretty darn few. Why is that?
The reason it's more out there is because what happen to Donna La Croix. Ghost Hunters Academy. It seem to shine more brightly what it seems the American public wants. So they think? An All Boys Club. A male ego thing. Only men can hunt (back to cavemen). Only men can handle equipment correctly. It's too dangerous for women. The females scare easier. Females over exaggerate. This is why I'm beginning to not like these shows. It's an insult. I know there are women on the shows. But, their input is always never really that important. And, is this really good for children to watch?
Oh, but it's ok to see women as witches. Or, doing psychic readings.
I can foresee all these shows going under. Sooner than later. And, the execs will ask. How did that happen? The ratings are high? We were doing so great? What gives?
Easy! How much of the audience are woman? Yeah, there are some woman that swoon over Zak from GA. Or, Barry from GHI. You'll still have those. But, what about the rest?
They better change it up. And, fast.

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