Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Such Thing As Ghosts?

Dr. Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire and his colleagues of the British Journal of Psychology. They did a study on two of the UK's most haunted locations. Hampton Court Palace, England and South Bridge Vaults, Scotland.
The psychologist are trying to prove and narrow it down to what people as seeing a place as haunted as just "feelings". Is there such a thing as ghosts? They don't think so.
They believe it's a way the body reacts to certain surroundings. Data shows people being spooked. But, with no evidence of ghosts.
But, they also proved that some people can go into a place known for it's ghosts. And, going in with no prior knowledge of that fact. They still can be spot on the certain rooms that are known to be haunted. But, again through feelings and not ghosts.
Dr. Wiseman has done all sorts of experiments. And, comes down to saying that a place maybe actually and truly haunted. What?
For me, I don't get this. Does this mean it changes the way we think of hauntings. So now I ask one question, "What is a haunting?". And, "What are ghosts?" We do hear this many times on several of the paranormal shows. Like Jason of GH stating at a reveal that there is paranormal activity present. But, he can't call the place haunted. But, were left in the air with not understanding that statement. But, the field is being narrowed down to an answer.
I think?

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