Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where Do We Go From Here? In The Paranormal World.

I have been watching shows. Reading books. Movies, etc. And, I really don't know what to think lately. As a person not involved in a group, ghost tours, conventions. Or, just plain "not" making money off this subject. Everything is coming to a screeching halt. For me, that is. It's just not the same. It was a subject that you thought about in a child-like wonderment and grew up with. And, now. So many people have just ruin it.
These people just see it as a means to make money off the topic. And, that's it. The shows are a huge problem. Personally I would tank them all. And, start from scratch. After all this recent, he said, she said of GH. It was awful. But, the main thing that really bothers me the most. There are people out there that don't believe in anything paranormal that are putting their big foot in it. Because they see, "money". You know how you know? They keep on changing their tune. Meaning. One day they are true skeptics (what they think a skeptic is). Next day. "Oh, I think I saw a ghost? So, now I know what everybody was talking about". Then they change to become believers. Gee whiz, you can't go back and forth like that. They just flip flop too much. You know their fake. It's unfair to people like us that have grown up on this subject. And, truly understand it. These people come along and tell us what this subject is all about from their angle. And, everything we knew on the subject for years just thrown out the window. They make fun of people like us. We're fools. Only they are correct and doing it correctly. And, the bottom line is from their stand point. We don't know what we are talking about. Sure, were being pushed aside. That's all.
My prediction: All these people involved lately we be gone. Mark my word. Gone! As soon as no money is coming in. Their worst then a ten dollar Gypsy Palm Reader. Please. When this is over. Everything will somewhat go back to how it use to be. Can't Wait.

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