Friday, November 13, 2009

Donna Of GH And GHI. Says All!

To be honest I'm still a little wet behind my ears about all these ghost hunting groups. So, this is all new to me (not the occult or the paranormal per se). But, this morning Ghostdivas put up on Syfy their interview with Donna LaCroix of GH, and GHI fame.

This really opens up a can of worms. For sure! And, you guys really have to listen to the "whole" interview. The "whole thing" to really get all the juicy info. No bars hold. She talks about the production company. About Why she left GHI (that goes for Andy and Brian too). Having no money. About plastic surgery. Fakery. Pictures of herself. And, Kristyn Gartland has pictures too going around on the web. The Youtube that a fan made of Jason and Grant ripping into Brian with him present. Jason looking for a place to buy in Atlanta, GA. TAPS ever changing show and partying after a shoots. And, the language on the interview (not that I have a problem with that). I knew sooner all later this stuff would come out. I thought it would happen after the show's off the air. But, don't be surprised soon you'll see Donna writing a tell-all. Come on Donna get cracking with it. Make the moo-la. But, remember you better have all this info backed up first. Because I can't find some of this stuff myself. Hey, I'm only the msger.

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