Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Live TV Shows. Very Strange?

First I'll admit one thing. I didn't finishing seeing the Ghost Hunters Live (first time) and Most Haunted Live 8 Faces of Evil. As for Ghost Hunters. It was a little on the confusing side. I'll lay the blame on "who" was really running the show for that night. Too many commercials. Why so little investigating. Here's a few questions?: Why really didn't Jason and Grant wanted to do the Live (other then their children)? Why weren't the "whole" GH team there to do the show? Why wasn't GHI allowed to run it? And, the most important question: Why is Steve never reprimanded for his stupid actions (the Fart)? I'll watch either the re-run of this show. Or, on Youtube. And, let you know.

Most Haunted is very grueling to watch. I have to watch it on Youtube. And, it's 8 nights 7 hours each. But, I have to watch this one. They receive a lot of flack from viewers for their recreated "hanging" using Karl. Many viewers stated their not going to watch the show anymore after this. So, again. I let you know my thoughts later.

Ghost Adventures, well, I still like them. But, they really have to tweak this for next year. The host really had problems with speaking. Maybe nerves. But, still it was very annoying. Nick dragging that cord. How can you hear anything? Chris Flemming using any show to help sell new equipment. Remember GH and him with the KII? Please, somebody has to stop him from doing that. And, Robert Bess what a character he is. It was quite obvious that he thought that night vision camera wasn't on him when he threw the EMF on the floor Remember it's pitch black in there so he knew no one can see him. And, that huge machine with the alarm. Aah! To think about all the paranormal shows. We always never see where the sound is coming from. Very good job from the guys keeping an eye on Mr. Bess.

Each year with all these shows something always happens. Hey, that's Live TV. So, like I said I'll write up about GH Live and MH Live. When I get a chance.

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