Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tailspin Of Donna's Interview With GhostDivas

I usually don't blog on the weekends. I like blogging. I'm technically my own boss. After these pass couple of days after the interview Donna LaCroix had with The Ghostdivas a lot of new issues were exposed. For one, you have to be dense not to realize that a lot that she had said has some credence to it. We, the public have ALWAYS suspected. You have to be a strong sole a person that thinks for themselves. We knew somethings were faked and edited. And made so we believe everything we see. That's making fools out of people. I'll go to a Penn & Teller magic show any day for that.
Something happens to people when the hear the little "Ka-Ching". Money. Like the song, "Money, Money, Money". It changes people. For some oddball reason everyone is walking on eggshells in the paranormal "industry". I'm going to be using that word from now on. But, we the public must protect ourselves from those who are out there to make a name for themselves. The truth seems to go on the back burner all the time as of late.
As, for Donna? If she is telling the truth? And, she didn't sign contract that would stop her from do that. Hey, please start writing a Tell-All book. Maybe this would end all this craziness that we are seeing lately. It's boring reading on sites that a certain person is a nice guy. We don't know personally any of these people. So, how can we all say what true of not.
As for forums? Some just like to be able to have excess to certain "TV Personalties". Why? The bottom line should be if that "person" you want to remain in contact with is in fact, an honest person. Period. What happens later when the poo hit's the fan. It can later land up on your own face. So, some of these sites have to remain strong. And, do the right thing. And, not be a sell out.
As of now. I'm going to sit back and see what happens the next couple of weeks.

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