Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Popcorn Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

Yes, I know what your thinking. She saw it now? I'm not going to pay a pretty penny for a movie that some were complaining about.
So, here it goes. I thought the movie wasn't that bad. But, not for the big screen. Meaning, it's good to go straight to DVD and Fearnet. Their budget for making the movie must of been small that's for sure. Four unknown actors. A house and one car. But their smarts came in with the publicity. That was real good. A website for voting for the movie to go to the big screen. This was a huge success. Even before people purchasing tickets to seeing the movie.
As for the movie itself. The actors were not that bad. But, for me it was too much going down the "Blair Witch" road. I give them credit on the fact that there was little blood. No sex. And, not really that scary. Sorry to say that. But, in general not bad.
There is something they did touch on. How easy with editing and other things you can fake doors moving, evps, and footsteps. Hey, I'm just throwing it out there.
But, if you like movies that can give you a good scare. Then by all meaning rent out Rosemary's Baby. That is a real great movie. I never get bored of it. Good stocking stuffer for Christmas.
But, as for Paranormal Activity. It's a good movie to see at home.

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