Monday, November 9, 2009

Are There People Making Money From The Paranormal?

Yes, many. And, it's really sad to say so. Because their are many out there just saying they are doing it to help you. Don't believe it. Many started with the "help" idea and it snowballed. Yes, I read many books, and watch TV shows and see movies. But, I always have done so. Mainly because of my own experiences in the field. I always had interest. Lately some of the books, and shows, and the internet have created a boom of some sort. And, it worries me. Because in the past it was a simple and very closed off section of life that has always been there. But, somehow went to the masses. It's like pizza. The first one in the US was in the 1930's. People were happy with the original experience. Fast forward: Now you have pizza with macaroni, ham, pineapple and so on. It took the original experience and basically destroyed it. Then it changes to the point that you don't want any pizza at all. Get it?
That's what's happening in the paranormal world. It just went too far. To the point you have people joining the band wagon to make money. It's sickening. Personally, they are fooling themselves that they think that people like myself are unaware of what they are doing. I just like things to go back the way it use to be. That the people that really truly believe in this field are the only ones involved. The charlatans can go jump in the river for all I care. But, then again if they see no revenue coming in, they'll leave anyhow. But, not without destroying the field first. Very sad.
This website is an example of what I am talking about.

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