Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fire Island Lighthouse, Long Island, NY

The original lighthouse was built 1826. Made of imported stonework of Connecticut Blue Split Stone. A Mr. Smith with his family were hired to become the first lighthouse caretaker. While the first lighthouse was being built. Shipments had to come in to complete it. And the wait was long. The contractor talked him to staying in a small wooden shack until completion. Needless to say one of his young daughters died from exposure to the elements. Many stories arose from this tragedy (there is no record). Because of his daughters death. It's said he hung himself in the tower.

A second lighthouse was built 1857 because the original was too short for ships to see the light. You can still see where the original lighthouse was. But, it's just ruble. Many of the stonework was used on the second lighthouse. Which was built 6 miles away.

This is where the confusion starts. Why would the lighthouse caretaker "haunt" the new lighthouse. Maybe it transferred with the stonework? Not sure. But, at the 1887 lighthouse the hauntings consist of the heavy doors open and close by themselves, strange laughing, banging sounds, eerie feeling. Some employees say they have trouble closing one of the windows in the tower. It just will not close. They hear also in the tower moaning. And the strangest one they say as you walk up the stairs of the tower. You can see into the second floor of the lighthouse keepers house. And, it looks as though someone is looking back at you from the second floor window.

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