Tuesday, January 26, 2010

After Effects of American Paranormal: Haunted Prison

Like I said previously. I personally experienced things that are hard to explain. But, how will this show effect the other TV shows or the paranormal community? I really don't know.
I never thought that ghosts are teaming all over the place. Lurking in every corner. In a post I wrote awhile ago. For me? My experiences were far and wide. More like once in a blue moon. Many people I know say the same.
Do I think many of the shows "fake" a lot of their stuff? Sure! How else can you keep on paying all the people that it takes to run a series. I'm sure it takes a lot of dough. Will they change their shows because of the AP special? I would think so. If you say your using "science" as the basis of your show. They really don't have a choice do they. So, we'll see what happens in that department.
But, I see the shows more as "pure entertainment". And, if I like the people on the show and they make it interesting or fun (or funny) to watch. I'll watch it with a bowl of popcorn and really enjoy it. Like a great B movie. So, I don't see a problem with that.
As for the paranormal community. I somehow feel sorry for them buying "junk" equipment made by snake oil salesmen. The community should be protected from them. But, on the other hand the shows don't help them by making them think they need all this equipment in the first place. Simple is better! Which maybe would be the best way for them to go. They'll still be groups. No doubt about it. But, they might have to steer away from the hype of the shows. Don't try to be copy cats. That's not cool. Just make the group more unique from the others. Would there be as many? No, a lot of them were created because of the shows. The good ones will stick around. And, that's a good thing.
Bottom Line: I don't think it's going to be a big dent on the paranormal community. Just some minor adjustments here and there.


  1. I wish they'd stop focusing on the "groups" as being the main feature of the shows and more on the PLACES. I mean, yes, they investigate, but why not have 1 place that's investigated and the focus of a show over and over? Especially if someone really wants to find answers. But for just entertainment, sure, stick to to groups. People are voyeurs and like to watch other people. Scientists focus on the facts (place). I think you might get what I'm saying. LOVE all your thoughts as provoked by American Paranormal. I feel so much the same way! Nice to meet another kindred spirit!

  2. Lol! Thanks! I'm still on a "search" for the truth kind of thing. Not there yet. But, somehow I'm closer then I thought.