Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Spy House, Port Monmouth, NJ

The Spy House is one of the most haunted houses in the US. Built in 1648 as the Whitlock-Seabrook House. But, it has been moved from it's original location. Call the Spy House during the Revolution because from this location people were spying on the British. The British would come ashore to eat and drink. It is believe that there are about 30 ghosts. It's been a hotel, brothel and pirate hangout. The house was open for visitors for many years. But, now is closed to the public.
Jane Doherty visited the Spy House with a film crew for the Home Network Shopping Channel. Jane's mom was with her and said as she was walking around the grounds she saw a ghost. She described the woman was wearing old fashioned clothes and staring out to sea. And, not moving an inch. This is not the only ghost that is seen on a regular basis. A stern sea captain with a telescope looking out to sea. A young boy that likes to play with buttons on cameras. A male spirit that likes to pinch the rears of woman who visit. There's a woman who runs the house. Believed to have died childless. But, seen holding a baby. And, anyone who is holding a baby can feel a tug. Like she's trying to grab the baby. But, the most famous spirit is Robert, Captain Morgan's first mate. And, it's believe that a French family was held at the house for ransom by Captain Morgan. But, was not paid and murdered. Rutgers University revealed data from sonar readings the possibility of tunnels. And, that there may be buried treasure and bodies in the basement.
Seances were held at the house. Which may explain why so many spirits haunt the place.

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