Saturday, January 23, 2010

National Geographic, American Paranormal: Haunted Prison

To all my blog readers out there. Please watch this amazing show tomorrow Sunday, Jan. 24th 9:00PM EST. National Geographic's, American Paranormal : Haunted Prison.
Major scientists from all over the country enter Eastern State Penitentiary in search of ghosts.
For me, this is the holy grail I've been waiting for, for sometime now. This is a major break though. This will help me and others like myself to really understand what we have been experiencing all these years.
Happy Haunting!


  1. I wished I had known about your blog before! Another blogger friend of mine, Autumnforest of Ghost Hunting Theories sent me nat geo's link 2 days ago. I watched the clips they had on there and immediately went to try and find this show. It'll be replaying this Sunday and I have my DVR all set to record it.

  2. I still have to do another write-up on this subject. But, still having a few unanswered questions that need answering done first.