Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spooky Themed Restaurants, All Year Long!

Going back to NYC for some business. And, usually me, my husband, and son go out to eat in some nice restaurant. This time I don't want to got back to my same old hangouts. So, I remembered that there was a restaurant near the corner of 57th Street and 6th Ave.(Ave. of the Americas) called Jekyll and Hyde Club. I never went in because it was one of those themed restaurants like Plant Hollywood, or the Hard Rock Cafe. I remembered when my son was small going to a outer space themed restaurant in the city (I think it's still there, STAY AWAY). It was just plain awful. It was tacky as can be. I would have rather have gone to Chucky Cheese. Which is not saying much. But, I remembered passing by over and over again in front of this spooky restaurant. With it's spooky head coachman standing in front. With long lines to get in. Long Lines! Unbelievable!
All I know the front facade is all decked out with a complete haunted mansion design. And, as far as I know it's 3 to 4 stories high. So, I am contemplating going in this time. I checked out their website. And, it's the typical junk food like you find in a theme park. But, I might give it a go.
There is another theme restaurant similar to the one in NYC called The Hell Fire Club in London. Next, will be a real haunted house converted to a paranormal investigation theme restaurant. I can see it now. They'll give each table a emf detector. And, in the middle of the meal a "lights out" will be done for the patrons. Believe me this is not as far fetch as you think.

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