Friday, January 8, 2010

Understanding Differences In The Paranormal World

As I mentioned at the beginning of writing this blog. All the information on the "supernatural" was past to me from my elders (and it goes pretty far back). Like I said before. This was always a taboo subject that you never mentioned. Even with your closes friends. So, it's a joy to see how open people have become. But, still not quite there yet. To go further into the "psychological". Instead of just the "physical".
When I was bored one night I was searching for something interesting to see on TV. And, I hit on Most Haunted. It was refreshing and different at the same time. But, as years gone by. And, more shows are on the air. It some how lost it's luster. But, I should have seen the signs? First, the idea of investigating was new to me. I knew from people like Hans Holzer and others in years past would visit places, interview people, bring a medium. And, last write a book. But, now we have high powered investigations that have become a little complex for newcomers in the paranormal. It's a little confusing. Even for me. And, for some, you can never "fit in". Which really is not right. Everyone lately thinks you have to do an "investigation" to be "in" the paranormal. Not true.
Like I've been writing lately. I give credit to people who with passion do these night time investigations with all sorts of equipment. That's ok. But, for me? It's not my bag. It's like telling me to go caving, or climb a mountain. I would rather "visit" a place. In the daytime. Talk to the tour operators or owners (even if they feel uncomfortable to talk about ghosts). Take pictures. Then read up the history of the place. Whether it's online, books, videos, or historical societies. That seems to be more my speed. And, I like to really understand the whole nine yards of a haunting. There's more to all this then the "regular Joe" knows. That's what's very surprising to me. Nobody's gone there "yet". There's still some subjects that are taboo. Unless you open the door "wide open" your not going through the door yet. And, like the old saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks!" There's really no guidelines to the paranormal. It's what's you personally feel is right for "you". That's important. And, to respect others people beliefs and practices. We are really all on the same page.

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