Thursday, January 7, 2010

Revisiting The Story Of Villa Paula Mansion, FL

I've been off awhile. So I had a little time to go back on my blog. And, been checking over old comments that I've just seen for the first time. So, I'm sorry guys for not replying sooner. Anyway, one of the comments was from Ed de Jong, President and co-founder of The League of Paranormal Investigators. It was mentioned that my information was a tad to old. But, I explained that that was all the information I could find, on my end.
So, he helped me with newer information that I will pass along to you. The doctor I've mentioned no longer owned the mansion. Instead it's a group called Villa Paula Restoration.
I found this article in the Biscayne Times:

As for my friends at The League of Paranormal Investigators, this is their website: The are researching all the information to the mansion. So they are the one's to contact.

As for me, like I wrote to Ed. I like to write about places that people don't know about. Or, maybe heard very little. And, I write about it because it should be the next place for people who like to investigate (not I, I'm not into that) are welcomed to check out. Hope this clears it.

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