Monday, January 11, 2010

My Recent Experiences With The Paranormal

All throughout my life I had many personal paranormal experiences. Started as early as 5 years old. But, that's the past. About 6 months ago I went to visit my mother at her Assisted Living apartment. I always usually have my dog with me. There was a old woman who use to live near a glass hallway doorway closest to the elevators. I use to laugh every time I would pass her door. Because she had wooden cut outs of a dog family outside her door. She use to open her door when she heard my dog's tags made noise. I found out one day she had passed away. About a couple of weeks later I had to pick up some papers from my mother. I would pass the old apartment of the woman who had passed. Then I would have to pass though the hallway glass door to get to the elevator. The hallway door started to close on me. Which was the oddest thing. It never ever closes. And, my mother lived there close to 5 years. So, I moved it back to it's original position. Again it started to close. This happen every time I tried to open it. I knew then the old woman was giving me a message. "Where's the dog?". So, all alone in the hallway I said to her,"I'll bring him again. Don't worry? It wont be all the time. But, he'll be back". The door stayed opened.
Which this brings me to my son's situation in his apartment. About a couple of day's ago. The kitchen cabinet under the sink keeps on opening. Now, this is the kind of door that's not easy to open. But, he was thinking it was the cat. And, he's been living there for 2 years. As I was over the house this weekend. The door pops open more then a dozen times. And, the cat was sleeping. I personally experienced about a couple of months earlier as I was washing some dishes notices something from the corner of my eye. I though I saw "something" watching me. A darkish figure I didn't want to say anything.
So, not to run into a long dragged out story about these two stories. I'll get to the point. I would always get what I would call "feelings" of what is really going on in a particular situation. The old woman I understood. But, my son's apartment? I get a feeling someone die there. In the old day's people use to place their heads in an oven with just the gas on. That was more common then people know. So, it could be the anniversary of the person's death. Or, they know I'm a sensitive and trying to communicate. Which I'm very "not" into. That's why on my blog I don't write at all about my personal experiences.
The reason I'm writing on this particular post is because I'm trying to understand of how the dead, whether human or animal, try to communicate. And the reason why they want contact from the other side? These were once living things on this side at one time. To treat them without understand them first is the first mistake if someone wishes to contact "them". But, this is my own opinion.

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