Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Daily Quest For The Paranomal

I myself find it fascinating that I can write this 'stuff' on a daily basis? I mean, for me personally I find it easy. But, it has to be hard on people that this is brand new turf for them to understand. Recently I was thinking, "How many times did I think about the supernatural in the past?" (as I call it). Maybe every 2 or 3 years. When usually something "strange" would come up. Really honest!
Lately there are so many sites on the Internet. And, even bookstores that use to have maybe one shelf. Now has a whole section of books for anything to do with paranormal, occult, etc. And, don't get me into the equipment, nope, not going there.
But, my concern is. Is this upswing going to die? Just like the Latin music invasion. Remember after Ricky Martin hit song came out? Everyone was Latinizing their songs. That it sounded just ridiculous! Even in country music. I mean, this "paranormal invasion" did bring it out into the everyday public forum. Which is not a bad thing. But, it can also give it a bad name.
That's how it looks to me. How many of these books are based on "real" facts? How many of the stories are "true"? How many people calling themselves "experts" really in reality are not? How many paranormal groups are just doing it because they think it's a "cool" thing to do? Saying all this my point is that many people like myself are just getting a little more leery on everything we see and hear as of late. That many of use are just taking a few steps back. And, just waiting for the ball to drop. Just waiting for people just getting burnt out from all this, to just go.
I know there's some people out there that see this as an easy opportunity to cash in on this "new" (it makes me laugh) phenomena. So, they'll just make up junk. Their are some that already have a foot in the door. Because they already work in their everyday lives in certain fields that's used in the paranormal field. Like electronics, publications, writers, news, and other fields. That they can tweak their expertise and use it in the paranormal field. And turn around and call themselves experts in the paranormal. Or, worst call themselves believers. Even if they don't have any knowledge or had any previous experiences in the paranormal to begin with. That's why many of us are turned off. We can see a fake a mile away. It's just a matter of time to see what the future holds. Without the use of a crystal ball.

* 1/16/10 Just to let some of you know. I am aware someone, that has a paranormal magazine is reading my blog. I have seen some of their "answer backs" on their own mag blog (not done obviously of course!). So, to my guys, friends on my blog. Do you see what I was saying is true? Head's up!

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