Friday, March 12, 2010

Great Haunted Pubs In NYC For St. Patrick's Fun!

Well, GH is going to Patty Reilly's Irish Pub between 29th and 2nd Ave. in NY's Murray Hill/Kips Bay area of Manhattan.
Here's other places that are known haunts. All in the NYC area.

West Village
People say they see Henrietta Chumley, former owner visit to mess around with the jukebox. Also, it's believed that 12 firefighter employee's from 9/ll. Still come around on each anniversary.

Ear Inn
Spring Street. Built 1817
Is said to be haunted by a sailor called Mickey who use to live upstairs and was hit by a car in front of the bar. Anyone living up stairs will have him crawl into bed with them.

One if by land, Two if by Sea
Lower Manhattan
Ghost of Aaron Burr, VP of the US. Who shot Alexander Hamilton. Is said to haunt this location. Flying dishes and chairs being pulled out is seen. Thedosia Burr Alston was lost at sea enroute to see her father. It is said that she haunts the carriage house. Females that go to the bar have their earring's removed.

White Horse Tavern
Greenwich Village
Dylan Thomas died after drinking 18 shots of whiskey. He's said to been seen sitting at his favorite corner seat.

The Waverly Inn. Built 1844
Bank Street
Employees see ghostly figures. And blames the ghosts for several fires.

Have fun this weekend. And, be safe!


  1. Unfortunately I won't be in or near NYC this St. Patrick's Day, so I will have to see where the haunted bars are in AZ.

  2. The joke is, I've lived in NYC the majority of my life. And, never been to any of them. I love the old coffee houses there.

  3. What an awesome post! Great list. I'm not in NY either, but this is my kind of blog idea! I might borrow it and see what kind of bars/pubs across the country with haunted reps are doing St. Pat day blowouts. THANKS for inspiring my muse!

  4. Your welcome Court! This summer hopefully (I was suppose to have done it last year)if nothing comes up. I'll be visiting place around Philly and NYC (my haunts). And do write ups with pics on my blog. Fingers crossed.