Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do Ghosts Hide In Attics And Basements?

It seems that attics and basements is where the ghosts are. Whenever we watch our favorite TV paranormal shows. It seems that's where all the activity is. The mother load.
Come on people. I know they are the darkest areas of a building or house. But, really. Do you believe they run there to hide? There are clear answers to this question. And I'm very surprise that on GH, plumbers for that matter. Would believe this to be true.
This pass month I had a semi-flood in my basement because of the snowstorms. And, about 10 years ago I had squirrels making a home in my attic. And, robins making nests in my dryer duct. These are the two main areas to get hit by the elements and critters. Easy huh?
But, the only reason these areas are haunted is because something happened at that particular location. Attics mainly because someone hung themselves. Or, basements because someone got whacked and was buried there. Or, someone is hidden and left to die. Or, what was originally at that location. It's morbid to think. But, it really doesn't make sense for spirits to run of and "hide" in these locations.
You have to think? In the basement you have electrical boxes, heating/air conditioning units, air ducts, water heaters, pipes, and remember the basement is below ground level so you have the critters and water.
The attic gets hit hard by the elements rain, snow, temperature and the sun. Metal and wood expand and contract. And, again the critters.
If you listen to their explanations to why they hide in these areas? It never makes any sense. Love it when they say it's where the demons go.
I believe, it's terrible to say. But, they do this because it insures "sounds". Does that make sense? Sure it does! Hey, your making a show. Paying people salaries. You feel pressure to get something. So, they are off the the attic or basement. And, don't get me into a conversation about "old" houses. That's for another day.


  1. My assumption people consider attics to be haunted because no one ever goes in there--so anything can be going on in there--like the child in a dark bedroom syndrome--they think when the lights go out, something surely lurks there. The basement makes a bit of sense in that it's grounded in the geology and electrical that might actually create a situation of phenomenon--whether that's ghostly or not--is up for debate. Good question.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Autumn. Makes you wonder huh?

  3. I live in a hunted house had demons and poltergeist follow my hole life they have strangle me give me nightmares and wrecked my house but i'm not scared but i find they hide in basements and attics cause its dark and always full of clutter not all basements and attics are hunted but most are