Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Are Hauntings?

The more I write about this topic. The more I wonder what are exactly are hauntings? As a child I would see it as a "thing" trying to scare me. But,as an adult now. I see it as a mystery. Why do they haunt? Or, why is "it" hanging around in the first place. Or, are they just waiting.
There's always this general belief to why there are spirits that just wondering the earth. Some for punishment. Others, lost, residual. Or their there because of violence.
What lately I'm thinking. Can it be based on reincarnation? I was never a big fan of this idea. But, as I age. And, I see the people close to me dying. I remembered something that happened to me as a child that my mother told me. When I was around 3 to the age of 5. She said I would tell her things about places. Or, even about objects that I knew nothing at all about. For example we went to the New York City Museum. And, there downstairs were all these huge horse carriages. I knew parts, how the horses were treated. Who would ride each particular carriage. And, on and on. A guard that was there overheard me. He went straight to my mother and told her I was 100% correct. But, as I aged all this seemed to disappear.
What I have been thinking. Can it be a spirit, or ghost that goes looking to enter a chosen newborn? And, as the child ages the "soul" of that person slowly goes. That would answer where do all these spirits/souls go? Or, why that ghosts are not haunting every nook and cranny of the earth? It's just a thought. And, it still leaves me with the same question. What are hauntings? Maybe will never get the answer. Because were not suppose to.


  1. Great post--love to see people asking these questions. I had a series of dreams of a past life that were very detailed and also exposed parts of the Jewish tradition I had never heard of, things I had no knowledge of. I wondered for a time if I were reencarnated, but I do have an advantage being psychic in that the dream experiences were exactly like when I do a reading on an object. If a regular person on the street not having psychic development were to get these dreams, it would seem as if you have been that person, but that's how doing a reading feels. What I think is happening is that occasionally when conditions are right, the average person can tap into information that's out there, whether it's a past life, a bit of history, another's existence... To a person who doesn't practice their psychic skills it would feel as if you were actually that person because their memories become yours and you feel as if you are inside that physical body, but that's really only a psychic interaction and not a true reencarnation. So, that's my theory. I love this discussion. Chances are, as a young child before logic had to take over to teach you the basics to keep you alive, you were more open to getting information from objects and surroundings. That would be my guess. Love your blog, BTW!

  2. This is very interesting. I would have never thought of that angle. Just wondering about the Jewish tradition you speak of? But, this all makes you wonder what this is all about? Doesn't it?