Monday, March 8, 2010

Lurking and Trolls in the Paranormal. Oh, my!

I love when having a cup of coffee to roam around the online world. So, much to read and see. For me personally I see nothing wrong of someone "lurking" about some websites. As for forums it's the same. You can sit down and read some really good "reads". I sometimes LMAO at some discussions. But, here's the catch.
Some people "don't" want you to read the websites/forums. Then why on earth you would write on the Internet in the first place. DON'T DO IT! That's all. As simple as that.
Or, set it from the beginning on private. Many people come here to this blog and read. For me that's ok. I write for "them" to read. If I had them as "friends" I would have a list as long as my arm. So, read on. Another issue and this is funny to me. Some complain that "one" person has too many usernames. Huh! What's wrong with that. Nothing.
So, what's my beef? Trolls, people that are up to no good. I would just call them what they really are. Spies. Now, I'm going to say something that might seem like a contradiction. It is. The only time I see this making sense is if they are spying on a competitor. It's all part of the business world. Like Pepsi checking out Coke. But, if this is not the case. Then there is something mighty wrong with that individual. We all don't know the private lives of people we meet on this medium. So, we do walk on egg shells when trusting someone here. So, be very careful what you write. Or, don't write at all.
As for the Paranormal World on this issue. The problem is there is really no right or wrong about the supernatural. So, some people get really touchy on this topic. That it sends up a huge "red flag". For me at least. I'm thinking, "Hey, I better not get into anything too deep with this person". And, then RUN! lol! So again, if you don't like this way of communicating with the outside world. Don't write a thing, just read. And, have fun.


  1. I found that on both my blogs, I have many readers but few comments. Many people don't like to comment on blogs, just lurk around and read them. As long as they are not doing any harm, I welcome them in. There are the trouble makers that not only make rude comments but steal your words you took time to create and post them elsewhere. I can do without them. I definately agree with what you are saying.

  2. Oh, I'm very aware of that. Happened to me already. There was a person that took "completely" my blog word for word. Just change the name. I reported them to the site. It was taken down. Which I did thank them. What do they get out of doing that is beyond me.