Monday, March 29, 2010

So Much Is Changing In The Paranormal World. Why?

I thought today I'll give you an overview of some basic things that are going on. For one is. Is Ghost Lab having a season 2? Not sure yet? Some say it is. Most Haunted? Don't know what the heck is going on there. You can't get a TV schedule of the show on the Travel Channel. What's worse is that there was a MH Live on Living TV (UK) that was going on this pass weekend. And, there's no Youtube on it (you can get it later). So, you can't watch it near to real time. This is all very confusing to me. Don't they want people to watch their shows? It gets better!
As for forums? You can get a lot of good solid information on there. But as of late. I'm scratching my head thinking, "What is going on here?". It's just not the same. It seems more like an Attackfest of the shows and of the forum users. Or, they just plain ignoring you because they are too deep into their own personal conversations. Can't they IM one another and get off the forum?
As for conventions? There are many. And very expensive. That you don't know if you should go or not. Travel, hotels, food, and to just get in. Not cheap.
Books and magazines? So many people are writing now. But are they any good? Again it can get expensive. So, go online. Or, just go to a library. Borrow books and magazines from friends.
As for websites? I don't even want to go there. That's for another post for another day.
And, for people like me that write? I for one want to get information out to you guys. Not just for you. But, for me, my family and friends too. And, I'm hitting at wall at a 100 mph. Why is it this difficult? I only want to give you quality information. Not the stuff I'm seeing around. And, it seems it's more of that then quality. So, I don't write it. But, I'm left with very little.

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