Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Manhattan Bistro: A True Ghost Story

Well gang, this will be written in parts. But, I thought this would be a very interesting "new" ghost story that is not very well known about.
In NYC "now" there is a restaurant in trendy Soho in lower Manhattan. But, this story starts in 1799. When this area was called Lispenard's Meadow. This was a rural gently hilly area where people will go in the summer hiking. And, in the winter ice skating in a pond nearby.
There was a young girl 22 years old called Juliana Elmore Sands aka The Ghost of Spring Street. It is believed she was murdered by her secret fiance, carpenter named Levi Weeks. She was murdered and tossed down what was called The Manhattan Well. Which was just newly built to supply drinking water for the locate area. This well still exists in the basement of the Manhattan Bistro Restaurant. People who have seen it says it looks like something out of "The Ring" movie.
It's said that Miss Sands left her home on Greenwich Street three days before Christmas and never returned. Levi Weeks also lived at the same boarding house where Miss Sands lived.
People from all over heard the news of her death. The funeral was so large that her body was laid out in front of the boarding house.
Weeks was seen as the only murderer. And, he was represented by the most unlikely duo. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton (later Burr would shoot Hamilton in a duel).
Part II tomorrow


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