Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bio Channel: March 6th - Ghosts Overload This Saturday

Well, I really don't know where to begin. It's seems Saturday is an all-day Ghostfest of some sort going on the BIO Channel. Or, it seems every Saturday.
For one thing there was a show I totally missed. It's called "My Ghost Story", about real everyday people that happened to have photographed or video taped ghosts. And, they tell their own stories attached to their findings. That show is at 6:00PM EST.
But, there's another show called "My Ghost Story 2: Hauntings Revealed". That's on Saturday also at 11:00PM EST.
On the same day at 4:00PM EST is "The Unexplained: Amityville:The Haunting".
Now I don't know if these shows are repeats. I know "My Ghost Story" was advertised. So, I guess that's new? Not sure? There's a lot more shows that are going to be shown that day that I have not mentioned. The Bio Channel seems a bit confusing to me. So, do check out their website.
Happy Hunting!

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