Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Wondering What Happened To Brian Harnois

*NEWS FLASH* Found this after posting. Read First!

Just recently was thinking the other day about him. It's strange to see him once in a while on Syfy when their having a GH marathon. Dude Run! Lol!
First, do I think it made the show a little more interesting. I would say yes. But, they created him to be the center of all the attention. And, that was their own fault. They shouldn't have never made fans of the show get caught in the middle of their in-house problems. They would say, on the air, "We can't trust him.", "He lies too much", "He lost equipment". After a while I would land up talking to the TV (yes, I did), "Cut it out already. And, just do the show!". Sometimes it was just plain annoying.
We really to this day don't know what was really going on. And, it really shouldn't have been that much of an issue. To us at least?
All I last heard after he left GHI. He was training to be a fireman (don't know what happened after that?). He has two kids. But, didn't marry (as far as I know. Not that it matters to me). But, he is still active in paranormal conventions. Even with some old members of TAPS. It's a little bit confusing isn't it? How do you work as a fireman and go to conventions? Anyway, he started a new paranormal group called The Paranormals.
But, still to this day people still take sides on the "Brian" issue. Was he really as bad as they made him to look? Or, was he just a fall guy? We may never know (or will we?). Don't be surprise you see a book written about this.
To be fair to him. He was with TAPS from day one (it's written in the Ghost Hunters Book). He even has/had a tattoo. He was in it for the long haul. But, something happened along the way. Was it Steve (who came into the group later)? I always wondered about that particular issue.
But, we should move on. Which I did a while ago. But, the show hasn't been the same since. Or, is it just me. I kinda liked him.


  1. I have wondered about him. I see something on him show up on someone's blog now and then. I liked him too. He did tend to get a bit over excited, which never bothered me.

  2. Thanks Julie. He always reminded me of a goofy big brother. They saw him differently. Sad isn't it.

  3. Very cool. It's nice he can make his living this way. Great update. And I agree with your goofy brother assessment. That is so how he came off, which was nice.