Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recommended Website: The Shadowlands

Now, I'm not recommending them because they are from South Jersey. It's because they are a website that is always talked about. And, quoted about. In several places on the internet. So it does say something about them. I have seen them at one of the lectures. I don't know them personally. But, they seem to be a nice group. But, they are not given credit where credit is do. They really give this website a breath of life. In a subject that can get boring very rather quickly. Their on the ball. And, on top of new information of places and sites. So, please check them out.

As for the Ghost Lounge Discussion Group. I have to change the date to Mid-April. Same day and time. Will let you guys know the date. ASAP.


  1. Neat! I made sure to add it to my sites links. Thanks for the heads up!