Thursday, December 2, 2010

GL TV Review: Ghost Hunters And Bravo's The Housewives Of Atlanta

It seems that it was Sheree that called GH. Asking them if they can join the show when they come down to investigation in Atlanta. So when the day came. It seems the other two didn't know where they were going that day. The way that Kim was dressed I think she thought she was going to a club. Boobs out and all (can't stop laughing as I'm writing). Don't get me started with Jason and Grant. Jason was all giggly and all. He must of been blushing. Yeah, Grant got their backs, lol! Steve and Tango looked so confused (why are these women here?). What can I say about NeNe, she was loud and all. But the three of them didn't do so bad. No screaming or running. Not bad at all.
The investigation seemed a little chaotic at first. That's very typical for first-time investigators. They tend to talk too much. Maybe the nervousness of the unknown.
As for the Rhodes House? It wasn't really clear to why is this house haunted at all? I believe only one person die there. That's not usual at the time when it was common for people to die at home. There really isn't much out there written about the place being haunted. As for Amy and Kris having that feeling of spiderwebs on them. Sometimes that's "static" if a place is very dry. You know, like a rubbing a balloon and then waving it over your arms it causes the hairs on your arms to rise. Steve and Tango didn't feel anything because they were more covered up then the girls.
It seems that GH tends to go back to Atlanta do another investigation. And the HW's are going to be invited, again! Maybe, who knows?  The HW's may want to start a paranormal group of their own (hope not!).
PS: Did Jason say "sweetheart" to the woman at the reveal? I'm not sure if I heard that right.

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