Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Twilight Sleep. Is This The Beginning Of Becoming A Sensitive/Psychic?

It seems a lot of people "see" ghosts during what is called Twilight Sleep stage. It happens just before falling into a deep sleep. I'm not going into the discussion of the scientific end of this stage of sleep. I believe your mind and body is just beginning to get into that "zone" of totally relaxation. Which can cause all these personal experiences to happen.
My question is: If these "experiences" become more frequent. Does this help for a person to become a "sensitive" or further, a "psychic"? And can this really be controlled? Another words, you can have these experiences during regular waking hours? I believe this can be true. I think people that learn how to meditate have the right idea. Do they too get these same experience as a person in twilight sleep?
For me, many of my premonitions happens during total deep sleep. Others during twilight. I'm passing along an article I found interesting. I hope that this can help those who are wondering the same way about this phenomenon.

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