Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wouldn't There Be More Hauntings In Anything Built Prior The 19th Century?

Why? Should you ask? Simple? It was the lifestyle of the people who lived prior to the 20th century. In a recent conversation I've read. The person stated, "Why don't we hear about "ghosts" of women who died in childbirth?". This is very true! Most births were always at home. And many women died as a result. It is also a fact that people died at home. And not as it is now in modern times, in a hospital. I remembered myself when I was ill a doctor would come to the house (I'm not that old).  When people died they were laid out in the parlor for their wake. Another words, their bodies were taken straight from the house to the cemetery. Which leads me back to the main discussion:  Shouldn't these locations be more haunted in general? For me? I'm still not sure how a "haunting" operates? I've heard of stories of people being haunted by someone who died miles away. Do spirits move around? Or stay in one location? Or just disappear in time? Big questions!
Here's a story for you:
There's a building in Savannah, GA that states that it's a "major ghost portal".  C Savannah Building was built around the 1860's. But it seems it was built on top of 20,000 ancient graves. And it was a sort of port of call for slaves for auction.  The list goes on from there. Do I think it's a portal? Not sure! Just more haunted then the usual locations. Which would not be a surprise due to the age of the building and the history of the city itself. See what I mean?

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