Monday, December 6, 2010

Ghost Adventures Always Put A Smile To My Face! Plus: Free Demo Of "Ghost Trick:Phantom Detective" By Nintendo DS

I've been enjoying this pass season of GA. They put a different "spin" on ghost hunting. Remember, how can you really "hunt" for something not there in the first place (like I've said several times before "it's the personal experience" that counts). So what they've been doing this pass season is making our experience of watching the show more tolerable. This can get boring very quickly. I don't care how many new locations they can go to. It's the same thing over and over again. That goes for all the other paranormal shows that are out there also.
By creating this new atmosphere we get to know the boys much better. More approachable. They laugh, joke, get serious, mad, upset in the right contexts of the particular location their investigating.
I always look forward to the next show. Always wonder what cast of characters they'll come across next. It's so funny when some of these women who give the tours have a huge Zac crush. Or Aaron's "scared look". And Nick "scared toughness" (you know he's scared out of his mind). They do change it up quite a bit that it doesn't become stale. Can't wait for next season.

Here's the link for the free demo of "Ghost Trick:Phantom Detective"

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