Friday, July 17, 2009

Why Aren't There More Ghosts?

Haven't anyone noticed that there seems to be very few ghosts? With a world that billions have lived and died? Why are there not more? I have my own personal theory behind that question.
I do believe that some people upon their death, move on. And, I also believe if a person did not want to die or maybe they died tragically. Their souls stay in another dimension. Until, maybe they accept their fate. Or, if someone helps them move on through prayers. Or, maybe (I'm not a big believer on this) they are waiting to be reincarnated. Because, to be frank. Me, that I'm a sensitive. I have been in very old places, spooky places. And, I feel absolutely nothing! Sometimes they'll say the place is haunted. Yeah, sure, maybe at one time. But, not now.
So, my point is. I believe "newer" places have a potential of being "more" haunted. With recent deaths. Then an older place. Nobody ever brought this theory up. If an older place is still haunted. It's because that person in life was a stubborn person or just evil. And, the reason they are still haunting is because these spirits are just plain mad that they are dead. The newer deceased are just trying to communicate for somebody to help them more on. Because they don't know how to? Or, they hang around until they find out on their own how to leave the place they are haunting. Which sounds so sad.
So, the next time you hear (mostly on Most Haunted) that a place is very old with history behind it. So, it must be very haunted. It's unusually not.

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