Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crystal Skulls. Are They Real?

There had been claims of paranormal, healing and the supernatural associated with the skulls. Their made of milky quartz crystal rock. And, some believe that they are of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artifacts, or other Native American mythologies. But, the real nitty-gritty is they were probably made in Europe around the 19th century. All the skulls around that time all came from Eugene Babau, an antiquities dealer from Paris. The reason people believe them to be geniune is because of an article written by William Henry Holmes, a Smithsonian archaeologist called "The Trade in Spurious Mexican Antiquities". In recent years they have been through intense examinations from well respected scientists. And, found that crystal rock itself may have come from Africa or Brazil. And, the cuts and markings may have come from tools used during the 19th century.
As for paranormal? There has been speculation that the skulls are connected to the Maya calender b'ak'tun-cycle. The dreaded "Dec. 21, 2012". It is claimed that by re-uniting of the thirteen (nobody knows how many are out there) skulls will forestall the ending of man.

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