Friday, July 31, 2009

Popcorn Movie Review: "Death of a Ghosthunter" (DVD)

I have read about this movie for awhile on several forums. People writing, "Did you see that movie?", "Is it really based on a true story?". So, the other day I was at my son's house fiddling with his Netflix account to see what movies I wanted to see. And, low and behold! There it was! "Death of a Ghosthunter". I saw the movie.
It's very obvious that they are semi-copying "Blair Witch". The make believe "bad filming" part, get it? So, this goes on pretty much the majority of the film. Oh, there is a story line, if that's what you want to know. But, I have to say, it wasn't bad. Why, you should ask? Because the "good stuff" doesn't come on the the scene until 3/4 of the way into the film. And, that's a good thing. Your there watching the film all bleary eyed and all. Then, "POW", the really story kicks in. And, you say to yourself, "What?. Did I miss something here?". It keeps you at the edge of your seat.
For me, the movie reminds me of the B-movies of the sixties (I posted about this before about the movie houses back then). Anyway, I'm surprise this doesn't have a cult following, yet. But, it will. The ending is not to be missed. This is the kind of movie you want to watch with a big group of people, beer and pizza. Because you can make all the noise you want (razzes, laughing, gasping). Makes for a great night at the movies right in your own home.

**** Popcorn Buckets

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