Thursday, July 2, 2009

Should Paranormal Investigations Be Rated R (For Mature People Only)?

I have been hearing a lot about of children wanting to get involved in investigations. Some will say it up to the child. Or, some others will say some kids are more mature than others. And, then you'll get some that will say, "Mind your business!". True, but, this is just my own personal option. I remembered (from another post of mine) as a child that my mother use to take me to horrors movies. I was as young as 6 years old. And, it was horrifying. Nightmares, being afraid to be out after dark. It wasn't a good memory. But, on the other hand I remembered the movies with fond memories also. Confusing, isn't it? I never took my son to any movies of this kind wondering in fear that he will go thought the same experience as myself. If my mother knew better (at the time movies were not rated) I think she would have never taken me. It was the early '60's movies were still "new". As for paranormal investigations I believe people should handle kids with "caution". Remember, these places are usually of great tragedy attached to it. Stories, that children really don't understand at that age. Then to have them wonder around in the dark, for me, is going too far. We don't know the damage these kids experience from this. So, for me, I believe 17 and above would be a good rule of thumb. Some kids, that are around 13 years of age may be able to handle it. But, ultimately it's the parents responsibility.

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