Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Devil's Bible, A Very Strange Story

Saw the NatGeo TV Special "The Devil's Bible". Heard about this, but, I didn't understand the story behind it. It was always a great mystery.
It's seems this book is the largest medieval manuscript in the world. It's 3 feet tall and weights 165 lbs. And, with the largest picture of Satan inside. And, just absolutely weird passages written. It's the "why" this book even became about? The story goes that there was a group of black Benedictine monks from the Czech Republic. The one's that are, let's say, masochists. They "self" torture themselves. The didn't like one particular monk. And, said they would "wall" (placing a person live behind a brick wall) him if it did write the said book in one day. So, it's said he made a packed with Satan to help him do this feat. Bad luck came upon the monks. And, they got rid of the book to white monks. They had bad luck and so on, and so on. Even a King (really it was a Queen-a woman) was involved. The Swedes stole the book during a battle. And, it's been in the hand of the swedes ever since.

But, on the show they believe this is just the work of one lone monk. And, the way he self punished himself was to write this book everyday of his life.

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