Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eye Care 101: Before Ghost Hunting

When ghost hunting in the dark you have to get your eyes adjusted first before you investigate.
Your eyes can improve after 10 minutes. But, you true night vision is after 30 minutes. Peripheral vision is more sensitive in a low-light situations. To keep your eyes still adjusted to the dark (going from room to room) from a different light setting certain things need to be done first. Either close your eyes tightly, or squint your eyelids before entering a room. If you can't do either place your hand over your eyes. This is because if you look at "any" light source, no matter how dim it effects whatever your seeing. Scan, don't stare! Protect your night vision. Use only low-power lights, like a watch dial. Cover your flashlight with something red. Paint it with red nail polish. This is so your rod cells in your eyes don't get affected from the light. Wear an eye patch. Pirates didn't just wear it because of a loss of an eye. It was that they wanted the one good eye open that sees better in the dark.
Also, a general good old eye exam should be done. Check your eyes of any damage or diseases. I personally have what they call "floaters" in my eyes. Some people experience, "flashes". Floaters are when the vitreous begin to break down into the mixture of clear liquid and pieces of debris floats in your eyes. Which appear as specks of dust, lint, lines, twigs, or spiders. Flashes of light look like shooting stars, sparks, or an arc of light.
It's smart to do general contact lenses care. And, a good pair of glasses. Both prescriptions should be no older then 2 years old. And, always kept clean.

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