Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Portals and Vortexes. What Are They?

First, to be honest. I still don't get it. But, I'll pass to you what I found so far.
Portals: A "third light" (somehow you have to see three first) means an opening, entrance, door, gateway, light. The "light" is not seen until the time of death. At that time a person's spirit may pass through. And, this opens up to heaven (or to where ever they go?). It may even open up in another area nearby (so it seems you don't know where it will open). But, if a portal is left opened or is opened up by someone having the ability to do so. Or, even just not closed. Entities who have not been released (because they can't see the light) will haunt the place they remained after death. Thus causing a "haunting".

Vortex: Is exactly how it sounds. Like a tornado. They can usually be seen in photographs. It's some sort of disturbance in the fabric of space and/or time. You will see anomalies, like an orb pass through. It's an opening to another dimension. And, this is seen as dangerous. There are "huge" vortexes such as the Bermuda Triangle, The Two Poles (N&S), Easter Island Colossi, etc.

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