Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jean Lafitte's Oldest Bar In America, New Orleans, LA

It's still called a blacksmith shop. Jean and his brother Pierre got their start by crime and privateering. Their blacksmith shop was a front to sell smuggled goods to local merchants for a song. The goods were stolen from ships coming into New Orleans. They even eventually bought their own ships and an "island" called Barataria to speed up their business. Jean had many lovers including the wife of the Governor of the Louisiana Territory. Bottom Line: he got shut down because of it. During that time to kept money flowing in by engaging in changing his allegiance from France to the British, Cuba, and Columbia. And, back again. Where he stayed.
The fireplace is said to be haunted by Jean. It was used to cache his personal gold.
He's seen on the first floor. Cold spots, shoulders touched, some can see his face.
He's also been seen at a seated at a particular table which people claim they can smell cigar smoke. He's also seen in the Ladies Room.
There is also a woman seen on the second floor. People think it's Marie Laveau or Madame Delphine Lalaurie. The spirit seems to be attached to a mirror.
Jean's spirit is said to also haunt near the shore of New Orleans. Some has said they can see sails from a distance of a ghost fleet. They can hear the sails and cry of men. One fishing boat said they "saw" a man standing on their deck dressed in old clothes and then disappear.

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