Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paranormal Equipment vs. Sensitivity

Last night Ghost Hunters International began their new season. what struck me was my husband's attitude towards the show. "Don't these guys get it? Their investigations are useless. The have to follow strick guidelines of engineering and research. With quality control too. Period!". My husband has been an electrical engineer for 32 years. And, a teacher. I, myself, 6 years have have worked side-by-side. Between engineers and quality control. He does have a very valid point. It's like having a layman playing doctor. We would see that as ludicrous. My husband sees this as an affront to every engineer that has to go through years of education. Civil engineers have to get a professional license to work in the field. So, for these paranormal investigators and tech tinkers that are out there working all this equipment that they have no idea of the inner workings of what they are using. Their "results" are very questionable, and should be thrown out the window. So, my point is. For a true 100% correct investigation is to be done, do it right.
As for sensitivity? I noticed that they poo-poo the use of this when investigating a haunted location. Technically, the use of the so call "paranormal equipment" and a "sensitive" is one of the same. Why? It's all scientific! Yes, both are. Don't people go to psychologist to understand the inner workings of their minds. Take medications to make them be able to function day to day. A sensitive is using a part of the brain, we as layman call "the minds eye". Science is science. You can't use one without the other. It doesn't make any sense? Heck, they can even use a psychologist during an investigation if they so wish. Remember, the paranormal is not a totally recognized science. It has not gained that respect, as yet.

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