Monday, July 27, 2009

Ley Lines: What Are They?

I've just watched the last Ghost Adventures show series (for now). Love those guys! But, anyway, they were at Ram Inn in England. And, they were talking about "ley lines". I have never heard of this before, ever!
So, this is what I found out.
Ley (leys) Line are straight lines on a map pin pointing one site to another. The sites are usually ancient or holy sites.
Alfred Watkins, an Englishman, rediscovered the lines in 1921. He believed the lines were prehistoric trading routes.
Occultist Dion Forture believed, in her novel "The Goat-Foot God" these were "lines of power" or cosmic energy and had connections with UFO's.
In South America these lines are called Nazca Lines. These are huge figures of animals, people and geometric patterns outlined on the ground. That were created in ancient times. There are lines that go from on figures to another. The most odd thing about these figures. They can only be seen from hundreds of feet in the air. Which made people think this had to be landing pads for UFO's.

The Society of Ley Hunters
Ley Lines and Vortices's of the American West


  1. I have heard about ley lines in a book called Chaos Code, and the thought really interested me. I believe in all of that paranormal stuff, so why wouldn't I believe this too? Several things about this subject that I have seen have said that the ley lines were associated with the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Of course, many people don't believe in Atlantis, but in the image above, there is a square in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, connecting the name Atlantis to Atlantic. The ocean got its name from this lost civilization, not vice versa. The Bermuda Triangle is another topic that interests me, and is also in the Atlantic, and rumored to be one of the last standing remnants of Atlantis. Of course, the mysterious dissappearances that have occured there are not a coincidence. I hope that you are interested in what I have said.

  2. I am interested in what both of you are saying. A friend on Facebook posted an image of the earth surrounded by a purple energy grid, and comments from that referenced ley lines and the Atlantean grid. He noted that the grid needs repair, and also that the intersecting points were where sacred places (i. e. Stonehenge) are located. I really resonated to those comments, and this blog was the first article I checked after googling "Ley lines map". Thanks for confirming here that I'm on the right track and my friends' idea is worth pursuing.

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