Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paranormal Shows Slowdown? I Told You So!

Boy, like the new GEICO commercial. I've been living under-a-rock lately.
Just found out  "Paranormal State" is not coming back. I know, I know, how didn't she know about this? Well, I've been busy with what we call "life" I guess? Nothing wrong with that. But this really took me aback? I would never guess that they would leave so soon.
Lately I've notice that all these shows are coming back for each new season, longer and longer. Hey, when I heard "Most Haunted" left not long after they created a new "Paranormal Channel" in the UK. Maybe this was the beginning of a "sign"?
So, the reality is: "This was all a fad!". Oh, not for me. I've always been involved in the paranormal. All my entire life.
Let me go back in time a bit: When I first noticed that this was just a fad? Is when you noticed all these websites popping up all over the place (Including my own-I'll get to that in a second). Forums, magazines, paranormal groups, paranormal gear, paranormal newspapers, paranormal blogs, ghost tours, etc. They all seem to have something in common. They really don't have a clue about the paranormal. I mean a "real" clue. They just know what they have seen and read that has been started mainly by the shows. All of a sudden they became experts overnight. As time have been ticking by you see the "slow down". One by one, groups closing, websites stopped, less ghost tours, and so on. It's what I predicted (their just running off to "The next big thing!).
As for myself? I started this blog because of what I've been seeing. And it got me a little ticked off. So, I went on my own writing what was on my mind. And this was one of my first discussions on my blog a couple of years ago.  It came back full circle.
(I'll get back to writing about paranormal locations soon)

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  1. The problem here I feel isn't so much it's a "fad", as it'll always be out there and it'll always be popular. The problem is that it's become popularized by TV and those "experts". It just became glutted by the same-old and viewers tended to steer away from it. With GH/GHI they used gadgetry (mostly) for their investigations. With PS unfortunately personal opinions/beliefs interfered with the investigation. And MH became a victim of its own success and (so the rumours go) they started "faking" it all, plus that Yvette was the scariest thing on the show!

    True paranormal investigation, one could say, is for research only and shouldn't be a popularity contest. Granted, the shows have been entertaining but you can still clearly tell they've been tailored for TV and the underlying, often subtle, script is still present.

    There will probably be a kind of lull for a while, then there'll be spate of them and it'll come "full circle" all over again.

    Perhaps what the TV moguls should do is, rather than focus singularly on "ghost-hunting", "ghost-tracking" or even "ghost-busting", have a show on cryptids and mythical beasts. After all, that is another as yet largely unexpored avenue of the paranormal.

  2. MH with Derek's "Sam". Boy do I remember (lol). And Yvette's eye makeup. Enough to scare the dead.
    I agree about a lot of it being "scriped". It's too obvious. Don't get me wrong. I love GA, just for the fun of it. But for how long?
    It has to change. That's for sure.

  3. I don't like the way Zack Bagans runs his show. Its kind of annoying actually...theyre like a bunch of large 12 year olds. But its a popular embellished as it is.

  4. I don't like the way Zack Bagans runs his show. Its kind of annoying actually...theyre like a bunch of large 12 year olds. But its a popular embellished as it is.