Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do People Ignore Ghostly Happenings?

How many times have you heard a sound that you never heard before? Or, seen something at the corner of your eye that doesn't seem right.
It happens to me personally quite a bit. It makes me jumpy. But, I never mentioned that I experienced "something" maybe paranormal. Only to those very close to me.
With the word "debunking"(I don't like the word that much). It's used a lot to describe to what our minds try to make out what it is? To cross out in our mind's eye.
Is it an old house? Is it the sunny ray's heating up a window or door? Is it the wind? Should I have to have my eye's checked for "floaters"? Rats, cats? And, on and on.
So, do you think that the people around are experiencing the same as you? Good chance they are. But, afraid to look silly.
I believe people do start talking to one another when it just gets to be too much. Or, they experience it together. Then what do they do? So, I think that's why mum's the word.
It just makes me wonder "how" haunted the world really is? A while back I post video's about haunted subways in London. It points out this very point of my discussion.
The other day I was on a subway elevator. This is what's creepy. I could swear I can hear and feel someone right behind me. My mind raced. Could someone had died in there? Maybe. But, I've been on the darn thing many times before. Why now? And, who do I ask if someone had? So, I have to ignore the experience I had. It's a shame. Isn't it.

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