Monday, May 10, 2010

Ghost Lounge's First Award! Beautiful Blog Award From Haunt Jaunts

I'm completely surprised by this award. I'm in pretty good company. And, I really have to give a big thank you to Haunt Jaunts!
It's a great site for those who like to go on spooky little travels here and there. Please check out there site.
Thank you again for making Ghost Lounge's 1st year worth it.


  1. AW! Thank you so much for the nice shout out back. I really appreciate it. But you totally deserved this award. You have a great blog and it's apparent you're a beautiful blogger. I don't always make comments (i'm bad, bad, bad about doing that in a timely I'm doing pretty good though!), but I really enjoy your blog. I think it was Julie who wished you many more years of blogging. I second that emotion!

  2. Congratulations and you are worthy of that reward.
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