Friday, May 28, 2010

Going Antiquing This Weekend. Think Again?

There is a lot of talk about buying an old object. Their are some that say the "aura" of the person who owned it at one time still possess it. Meaning, they "haunt" the object.
Now, that's why some people will tell you, "No Thanks!" to something "old" your giving them as a gift. Not a very good idea. It's sad when it's a wedding ring or old piece of pottery.
For me, I could understand. It's good to start fresh. Everything your own. No bad vibes will come to you. If you believe this to be true?
But, how many of us can look around our house, right now. How many objects do you see? I would be maddening to think that all these spirits of previous owners are in your house.
So, for me. I'm not into believing this belief. Are you?

There are two books on this subject. I'll have to read them next.

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  1. I was watching one of those haunted shows and they had people on that believed the objects they bought were cursed or haunted. They had strange things happen once they brought the object home. Personally I have never had that problem, but believe that a person's spirit can be still attached to an object. They say that some of the victims of the Titanic are attached to the artifacts in the Titanic exhibit and haunting those that are near them. GH had a show about the exhibit and had some strange experiences.