Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Point Lookout Lighthouse, Scotland, MD

Point Lookout Lightout was built in 1830. Located by the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River.But, even before it's being built. The land itself has a very tragic history. From shipwrecks, Indian massacres, and the Virginia Indian massacring settlers in 1648. Two Keepers (before the lighthouse was built) died there.
But, it's mainly known for the Union Civil War camp that surrounded the Lighthouse during 1862. It was called Camp Hoffman. About 50,000 Confederates were tented there. About 4,000 to 8,000 died at the camp during the war.
As for hauntings? There are plenty. Rag-tag men walking about the land with sunken eyes. And the smell of gunpowder. Voices are heard saying "Get out!". In the lighthouse itself has it's own hauntings. Heavy booted foot steps. A female voice is heard singing. A male and female are seen in the basement. And, a woman is seen in the parlor in a blue dress. Strange lights have been seen.
But the creepiest haunt was told by some people coming in to see the lighthouse. When returning to their car they saw a Confederate soldier seating in the backseat.

Extra Information:
The USS Tulip exploded en route to Washington claiming 57 lives.

The College of Southern MD has a Summer Session 2010 class. Ghost Hunting 101.

And, for all you gamers. Point Lookout Lighthouse is the setting for the video game
Fallout 3-game add on.

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