Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo! The Story of La Llorona, Mexico

This is a centuries old ghost legend.
In 1550, Dona Luisa de Olveros fell in love with a nobleman named Don Nuno de Motesclaros. She had two children with him (She was also thought to be a peasant). She waited for him to marry her.
Then one day she heard he was to marry. She went to his house on his wedding day. She asked him why did he not choose her? It's believe it was because she was Amerindian. It was because she was not of Mexican/Spanish ancestry. She was thrown out of the house. Because of this she became insane. Then she killed her two children with the dagger that the nobleman once gave her. She was then convicted of sorcery and publicly hanged. People say they see her ghost wandering around the streets of Mexico City looking for her children.
It is said the she is also seen by the Rio Grande River. Witnesses say she has been seen hovering on top of the water. Others heard her wailing. A boy said that he was held by the wrist by a ghostly woman trying to drag him down to the river.
The most interesting is the PERA Building in NM was built on top of the land that was once used as a Spanish-Indian graveyard near the Santa Fe River. They say they hear her weeping through it's corridors.
There are many "different" stories based on La Llorona.

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