Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do We Believe Everything We See On TV? (Paranormally speaking?)

I think the "great" slow down of paranormal followers is happening faster then I thought it would. Yes, more paranormal shows are being created. But, some are not staying long enough for us to digest.
As for followers I lurk around a lot when I get a chance. It's quite noticeable on forums. Yes, I read them, it's the pulse of the viewers (there's some doosies out there too). First they are very jazzed up to talk about, what else? The paranormal. Then it falls into the weirdest conversations. That's when you know they lost interest.
Why is this happening? My guess would be because of "how" the investigations are presented. After each show people will critique what they view as being real or faked. Forget about skeptics and believers (very big topic about a couple of years ago). Now, it seems everyone just shrugged their shoulders as if to say, "who cares?". This is very disappointing to people like myself that have been in love with the supernatual.
So, did these TV shows do an injustice so to speak? I think it did. Much too many shows. It just confused a lot of people. Too many different techniques.
Maybe the future is a paranormal channel? I think that would make a lot of sense. Or, maybe, just maybe. A paranormal theme park? Hey, don't laugh!

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