Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Night: Paranormal Cakes With Guest Judge Britt Griffith Of GH On The Food Network's "Challenge".

Yesterday I was so surprised to see Britt Griffith of Ghost Hunters on The Food Network. One of the shows on FN is called "Challenge" with Claire Robinson as host. Last night's challenge was called "Paranormal Cakes".
Each of the challengers has to have a "ghost" story. Then make a cake based on the story. This is for a prize of $10,000. They were all pretty cool! One had special icing so it can glow with a black light.
In case you did miss the show and want to see it. You have another chance:

Food Network Website

July 31st at 6:00PM ET/PT

Aug. 1st at 7:00PM ET/PT

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