Thursday, July 8, 2010

GL TV Review: Ghost Hunters Academy Finale

I had a funny suspicion it would be Allen. As I watched the finale I noticed he was going full force to win (not in a good way either). Does anybody else notice how anxious he was? And most of the time he tends to look annoyed at his fellow cadets? Or, run off with their initial ideas? Do I think it was a fair decision?  No, because both Michelle and Eric were the ones really thinking outside the box. Such as Michelle coming up with the idea of the flashlight. Allen himself didn't even pick up the EVP that was on his recorder that he had to review. He also admitted that all the odd sounds that he was hearing  he couldn't really tell the difference between them. So he had a bad day. Vera had one, and out the door she went.
To be fair. They really should pick who they would feel most conformable with for future GH investigations. Michelle and Eric's personalities were far too strong. And may not be that easy to conform to TAP standards.
I just have one question? If he's not able to continue with the show or for fill his contract who takes his place? Or, is it a one year contract? 
For this particular show I was not impress with Allen. I hope they can bring the other guys back in some future GH shows. I would miss them if they didn't.

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